Hi, I’m Kelly!

I’m so glad you’re here!  I believe that everything happens for a reason and that includes you  being on this page!  So whether you found me through my other website, Instagram, Facebook, or just stumbled across my page on the web, it doesn’t matter.  I’m just excited that you did, because your life is about to freakin change!

Have you been coming home at the end of the day -from a  job you’d rather not be at- feeling mentally drained, physically exhausted, and then trying to pump yourself up to be on top of your game to play with of the kids, clean the house, fix dinner, and find quality time to spend time with your family?  Have you been feeling like there’s no time or money left over to do what you enjoy in life?  Make memories with your family?  Travel?  Have a job that inspires and fulfills you?

What would you do if you had an extra $1,000 a month?  $10,000?  $100,000?  Do you even know??

I created Motivational Mindsets as a way to help women reclaim the power they have over their lives.  By combining science, spirituality, and intuition, I’ve been able to help hundreds of women discover what it really is that they want from their life, realize where their thoughts are holding them back, change those thought patterns, and show them the steps to manifest the life they’ve been dreaming of!  One that gives them fulfillment, passion, and purpose.

I’ve been where you are.  I was over $80,000 in debt from college.  There was a time in my life when I didn’t know if I would be able to make rent, have a car to go to the job I hated, if the food stamp money would be enough to put food on the table for my family, if I would have to decide between paying the power or the gas bill on time that month.

But I got out.  

I changed my life around.  I started studying successful people to see how they did it.  Which led me to studying the power of our thoughts, the law of attraction and manifestation.  Then studying some science because I wanted to know why things like the law of attraction and changing mindsets worked!   I dove deeper into my intuitive abilities that were there since I was a child.  And now…I can tell you that this shit works!



Who is Kelly Payne?

  • Creator of Motivational Mindsets, the Creation and Crystal Kits, Mindset Coach, Manifestation Expert, Tarot Reader, Empath, Reiki practitioner, Psychology Degree
  • Mission of Motivational Mindsets: Helping women be able to find/see their limiting thought patterns, become “unstuck” and show them the steps to take to live the life they’ve been dreaming of!  A life of fulfillment, passion, and purpose!
  • I transformed my own life from hard times of being broke and on food stamps and manifested where I am today.

Where am I today?

  • Married for 10 years (and counting) with my one (beautiful, miracle) child.
  • Traveling the world
  • Extremely happy and grateful to be free of financial worry and have free time for my family
  • Running my coaching and Tarot reading business that is helping women all over the world change their mindsets and turn their dreams into reality.
  • I fully believe that everything I went through in my younger years (childhood abuse, infertility, relationship issues, parent dying, being on food stamps, bullying etc) has led me to be able to share my story and help other women realize that they can change their life around too.



I offer one on one coaching services, tarot readings, ebooks, and courses.

Check out my ever growing Freebie Library filled with loads of information to get you started and answer tons of questions (and probably create many more!).  You’ll find introductions to topics such as law of attraction,  manifesting, soul purposes, psychic abilities, crystals, and so much more.  Enjoy all of the free worksheets and guides.  If you find you have questions or want to talk to other women who are like minded, come be one of the first to join our brand new Facebook group!  I’m super active in there and add additional free content.  The group will be filled with other women going through their journeys just like you, support, encouragement, and answers!

If you have questions you’d like answered privately or want to work one on one, check out my coaching and tarot pages, or shoot me an email here.

I’m so excited for you to start this journey!  Come join our FB group so we can all celebrate the big and little successes along the way!



“I help women change their mindset, so they can change their life!”