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Unleash Your Inner Money Babe by Kathrin Zenkina is a fantastic book to manifest $1000 (or whatever amount of money) in 21 days.  It gives you 1 lesson to focus on for each of the 21 days, and watch the  money roll in!

Sonia Choquette has some AMAZING books- her books are what changed my life.  These are my favorites:

Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose

Your Heart’s Desire

Ask Your Guides

Become a Client Magnet Guide– Are you wanting to start your own business or already have but are having trouble attracting the right clients for you…or any clients at all?  This is the book to get!  Tons of amazing insight and principles that Kathrin has used to grow her business to more than $10,000/mo in passive income and gained loads clients.

My favorite YouTube meditation!  It’s for opening up your third eye and crown chakra!

Sage smudge sticks   for your home.  This one is great, it’s what I use.  3-pack of California White Sage.

Want more free meditations?  Check out my girl Kathrin’s whole freebie area!  You’ll find tons of great manifesting stuff in there!

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