Tarot Readings


All of my Tarot readings are very in depth and use at least 10 cards per question.  This allows us to get to the root of specific issues, find hidden fears, thoughts, hopes, and what potential outcomes can be.  

Each reading will be done through email so you can  look back on it for extra clarity when needed and check back on outcomes.  Each reading will also include a picture of your tarot spread so that you can *see* the specific cards that come up for you.  

One Question Reading: $77

“Either Or” reading:  $111  (This reading is extremely helpful when you have to make a decision between two different things and are having trouble deciding.  Move between two different states?  One career or another?  Relationship with one person or another? etc)  This is essentially a two question reading at a larger discount as I will be doing two separate spreads for you.

2 (unrelated) Question Reading: $144  ($10 savings)

3 Question Reading: $200 ($31 savings)

Fill out the form below to email me with your question(s) and we’ll work together to get them asked in a way that will bring about the most clarity for you.  (Tarot works best when not being limited to just a “yes or no” question.  If you need, I am happy to help you frame your question in a way that will bring about the most helpful answers.)  Then, I will send you an invoice from Paypal for payment.  After payment is received, I will get to work on your readings!!  All readings will be delivered through email in 3-5 business days from the time payment and questions have been sent.  I sooo look forward to connecting with you!!  Tarot is one of my all time favorite ways to help people through confusing situations and tough decisions!





Thank you for taking the time to do my reading yesterday.  It was amazing!  I really feel like it was very accurate on so many levels.  You confirmed everything that I had been told before and things that I feel myself.  I know what I need to do now.  Thank you so much!  -Antranae

Thanks so much!  I can’t believe how dead on you were!!  Great job!!! – Coley

You are a very good Tarot reader. It feels like you are a psychic reader as well!  Thank you very much for a fantastic reading that has made my day.    Peace,AMD